The Challenge

Carving out consistent time for side projects is hard. Mix in a lack of accountability and more often than not these projects never even get started. We should fix that.

Trying to solve this problem with yet-another meetup isn’t going to work. How many times have you attended a meetup where the folks there aren’t folks you’d actually want to meet, and the presentation leaves little incentive or inspiration to go do something? More often than not these become a waste of time - the opposite of our intention.

The Goal

Build a community of folks who motivate and help one another to continuously work toward the projects that inspire us.


Meetups will run on a weekly basis, in a 4 week cycle:

This gives us ~10 cycles within a year to set small goals, deliberately work toward them, and support one another through thick and thin.

Meetings are scheduled for a lengthy 4 hour block of time. We do this to accommodate the wide variety of schedules that everyone might have, and to block off a large enough section of time for the demos that happen in Week 4. It’s not expected that the entire 4 hour block of time be attended.

Additionally, the use of Discord to support digital attendance is strongly encouraged! Discord was chosen over Slack for its substantially better audio and video chat support.

It’s far more important to use this time effectively and engage with the community, than it is to physically meet in the same location.

What now?

Join the mailing list, the Discord chat, and visit the calendar to find out when and where the next event is happening!