So neither my Vizio smart tv nor my PS3 will stream – which is immensely stupid. Naturally this needed to be solved because I just bought an Ikea couch, and what good is a couch if I’m not sleeping on it. The solution was simple; dig out the raspberry pi I had in a box; the wireless keyboard, mouse, and dongle; find an sd card and pesky reader; the wifi dongle; the 1A power block and a decent micro usb cable.

Then came googling around and finding out that raspbmc (xbmc for raspberry pis) has matured a bit and that there’s a plugin for it - oh boi! So I quick downloaded their windows installer – that shit didn’t work. But the old fashioned Win32DiskImager with the img from here worked.

Also the wifi scan tool for SSIDs in raspbmc didn’t work; however, manually entering my ssid and wpa2 password worked just fine. The first boot was hella slow, subsequent boots have sped up dramatically.