So a couple days ago I started using this awesome todo-list tool HabitRPG.

For those of you who don’t know it looks something to the effect: Final Product (souce:

Basically the idea is that you start tracking all the little pieces of your life as:

  • Habits - things you want to start doing more often
  • Dailies - things you want accomplish every day or on certain days
  • To-Dos - things you want to get done over time
  • Rewards - things you want reward yourself with or items for the game?

So far I’m still a lvl 3 but I was able to gain a lot of experience getting things done over the weekend. The color coding of items too is helpful in that if something has been staying around for awhile it will go from yellow to red; or if you’ve been keeping up with a habbit it will go green. The streak counter is nice too because I can know how well I’m chainning my dailies.

Overall I’m pretty excited to see what this has to offer. It’s the first task app that I’m actually engaged with and consitantly enjoy using throughout the day. Hopefully as I level there will be more too it like bosses and what not. Worse case it’s an opensource project so maybe I can take on features and add things I’m looking for.